Monday, 15 June 2015

Hyderabadi Mutton Tahari

Tahari is a most loved rice dish of Hyderabad (The City of Nawabs).
 Hyderabadi Mutton Tahari or Mutton pulao is prepared 
in two different styles, One pot and Two pot method. 
If you prepare Tahari with my 2 pot method then it will save time, 
plus the Mutton will taste Delectably Scrumptious & Toothsome!!

Hyderabadi Mutton tahari
Hyderabadi Mutton tahari

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Preperation Time: 10mins
cooking time:30-40mins
Serves: 6

Ingredients for Mutton Tahari

POT 1:
Oil – 2 Tablespoon
Mutton– 500gm
Red Chilli Powder – 2 Teaspoons
Turmeric powder – 1 Teaspoon
Ginger Garlic Paste – 1 Tablespoon
Coriander powder – 1/2 Teaspoon
Mint & Coriander leaves – 1/2 Bunch each

POT 2:
Oil – 3Tablepoon
Garam masala( bay leave, cinamon stick, cardamom, caraway seeds)
sliced Onion – 1 small
Green Chilli paste – 2Teaspoon (or 6 whole)
Ginger garlic paste
Red chilli- 2Teaspoon
Chopped Tomatoes (Medium sized) – 200 gm
Soaked Rice – 500gm

Potato- 1 large (semi fried or blanched)
Boiled eggs- 2-4

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